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Emergency work finishes Saturday

Friday 26 August, 2022

The emergency wastewater pipe work on the intersection of Wainui Road and the Esplanade will extend until Saturday.

Works on Saturday will be completed by late afternoon and during this time, there will be:

  • No right-hand turn from Wainui Road into the Esplanade Inner Harbour
  • No right-hand turn from the Esplanade to Wainui Road.

However, drivers can still turn left. The road will not be closed but traffic management will be in place to ensure a slower speed limit of 30km/h is adhered to around contractors who will have to work in the centre of the road.

If you’re not accessing the Inner Harbour on Saturday, please consider using Rutene Road.

Council community lifelines director David Wilson says during the process of unblocking the wastewater pipe last night it unfortunately collapsed.

“We have scheduled to excavate and fix the pipe on Saturday. The work will start early morning and be completed by late afternoon.”