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Faulty streetlights until after winter

Wednesday 13 July, 2022

A defective batch of lights purchased in 2017 and 2018 is why several streetlights are not working.

Currently Council has 80 streetlights that are faulty and the problem may not be rectified until after winter says Journeys Infrastructure manager Dave Hadfield.

Staff and contractors have identified why the lights have failed. An LED Luminaire light has a ‘driver’ inside it which is basically the brains of the unit. It is the driver in some of these units which has failed.

Mr Hadfield says the supplier Advanced Lighting Technologies has honoured its 10 year warranty and started delivering replacement parts to Gisborne at its own cost.

“Unfortunately, the process has become quite drawn out due to both the drivers faulting over a long period of time and the extended time it’s taking to get parts to make new drivers and have them shipped to New Zealand” says Mr Hadfield.

So far around 25% of the drivers or 162 lights have been affected and these were replaced when parts arrived in June.

“To the public who have notified us of faults, we thank you -  we have crews undertaking audits at night to record lights that have stopped working however your eyes in the community are also very much appreciated”  says Mr Hadfield

“When we have a date for when the next shipment of parts will arrive we will inform everyone but due to global supply issues, we don’t know when this will be” says Mr Hadfield.

“Council maintains 3900 streetlights and the other LED replacements are operating very well” says Mr Hadfield.  “Once the new lights arrive our contractor will make this an urgent priority.”