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Feedback wanted on Fees and Charges 2022/2023

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Overdue book fines could be dropped to encourage more people to use our library.

Council wants to hear what you think about this, and other proposed changes to Fees and Charges for the 2022/2023 financial year.

Public consultation starts today and runs for a month until 5pm Friday 8 April.

The Olympic Pool entry fees will have no change this year. They’ll stay the same due to recent disruptions to service and the age and deterioration of the facility.

However, new fees will be recommended to Council for Kiwa Pools before the facility opens in March 2023.

Dropping overdue fines on library books will mean an income-related loss of $16,000 a year to Council. However, books that get lost will still incur a replacement charge. Council’s HB Williams Memorial Library will join 75 per cent of other libraries around the country if overdue book fines are removed.

Fees and charges predominately increase by the rate of inflation and are adjusted annually. Some fees have to increase further to recover actual costs.

The proposed charges are reflective of the true costs of each individual service, to ensure the person benefitting from the service is charged accurately rather than costs falling on the general ratepayer.

Following the month-long public consultation, any changes to fees and charges will be applied on 23 June.

The full list of proposed changes is on our website, along with the feedback form.