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Locals contribute to huge Banks Street development

Thursday 19 May, 2022

Our Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade on Banks Street is one of the biggest infrastructure developments in Tairāwhiti and an important part of the project is employing locals.

“This is a $34.6million project that will benefit everyone and part of this is ensuring as many locals as possible work on the project,” says Council lifelines director David Wilson.

Rhonda Nant is one of the many locals, or local businesses, who work on the site and her role is project administrator.

The mum of three says she loves being part of something good for Gisborne.

Mr Wilson says employing locals is one of the important outcomes Council wants to achieve from this multifaceted approach to treating our domestic wastewater, which includes using age-old methods like wetlands as a filter alongside the latest technologies available.

The upgrade involves a huge new plant being built on the lot beside our region’s existing Wastewater Treatment Plant, which was built in 2010 and was the first step to ensuring our domestic wastewater was treated to a high standard.

Two enormous new filters – a clarification tower and ultraviolet treatment – are being installed as part of the upgrade. These will make our domestic wastewater even cleaner before it’s discharged. Last week the first section of the clarification tower went in.

Mr Wilson says construction is on time and tracking to be complete by the end of December 2022.

Following this, the new facilities will be tested from January to April.

After this upgrade, the next step for our wastewater includes wetlands so native plants can work as natural filters.

McConnel Dowell has led the project and brought into town some of the country’s highest skilled engineers.WWTP upgrade Banks Street

TEAM EFFORT: Last week the clarification tower, an enormous filter for our domestic wastewater, was installed with help from local businesses CR Taylor and Eastland Scaffolding. It’s part of Council’s Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade on Banks Street, which is one of the biggest infrastructure developments in Tairāwhiti. An important part of the project is employing locals like project administrator Rhonda Nant below.Project administrator Rhonda Nant at work at the WWTP upgrade on Banks Street