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Mata Loop open with restrictions

Monday 4 April, 2022

Vehicles will have access to the Mata, Tuakau and Ihungia roads loop but the timing of who can traverse the roads, and when, is to be strictly controlled with close-off periods.

Council journeys operations manager Donna McArthur says contracting crews have been working hard to reinstate the roads to allow industry to get back into gear and residents the ability to move more freely around the region.

From Monday (4 April) forestry trucks and other vehicles will be able to use the Mata, Tuakau and Ihungia loop.

Neither forestry or stock truck and trailer units can access the Ihungia 3.3km mark due to weight limits of 16-tonnes.

  • Forestry trucks (Monday to Friday) can travel the loop between 3am-8am and then 5pm-7pm. No one else is allowed on the road during this time.
  • Other vehicles, including stock truck and trailer units (Monday to Sunday) – one way only.
    • Northbound – 8am from the Mata Lower Road.
    • Southbound – 9am from SH35 Ihungia corner.
    • Northbound – 10am from Mata Lower Road.
    • Southbound – 11am from SH35 Ihungia corner.
    • Northbound – 3pm from Mata Lower Road.
    • Southbound – 4pm from SH35 Ihungia corner.
  • The road will be completely closed between 12 noon-3pm for maintenance and 7pm-3am to all traffic except emergency vehicles.

There will be traffic controllers at both ends of the junctions throughout and manned during the closed periods.

“We are giving the roads two days to dry out a bit more before starting this regime,” says Ms McArthur. There will also be a grader and metal trucks on standby, as well as stockpile sites along the loop.

“We are trying to preserve the road so light vehicles users can still access it.”

Barring more bad weather, the traffic system will continue until the bridge at Tokomaru Bay is reinstated on 13 April.