Te Araroa playground banner image

New equipment at Te Araroa playground

Thursday 14 July, 2022

New equipment on the children’s playground in Te Araroa will open on Monday.

The installation of the equipment is the first stage in the Te Araroa township upgrade, part of a programme of upgrades Council is funding for 13 rural townships.

In anticipation of the opening Council’s Northern Area Liaison Officer Lillian Ward says she is so excited for ngā tamariki and rangatahi o Te Araroa.

“The opening of this first stage of the project was delayed due to rain but we wanted children to enjoy the new equipment during the school holidays. This playground and the new equipment is so much better than they’ve ever had before.”

There is still more work to be completed. A new toilet will be installed near the playground, replacement of the basketball court (thanks to a joint partnership between GDC and Basketball New Zealand), furniture and fence upgrades and a new footpath as well as curbing from the entrance of the playground to the corner of Moana Parade and Rata Street.

In addition we are installing a bench seat on Rata Street, fixing cracks in the skate park surface, removing the old toilet from Moana Parade, along with beautifying the space including adding a hitching rail for whanau to tie up their horses while in town.

“On behalf of GDC I would like to acknowledge the advocacy of the Te Araroa and Districts Progressive Association (‘The Progressive’) for years of advocacy for whānau, hapū and hapori of Te Araroa. It has been a pleasure planning and progressing concept plans with them” says Ms Ward.

“I would also like to express special acknowledgement to the Responsible Trustees of Section 49 for the approval to utilise their whenua for the tamariki and rangatahi of Te Araroa. Tenei o matou tino mihi ki a ratou.”

When all of the township upgrade components are completed a plaque acknowledging the shareholders of the land, will be unveiled.

Mayor Rehette Stoltz, Councillor Bill Burdett and other Council kaimahi will be present at the opening on Monday.

“As with all township upgrades there are a lot of things we couldn’t do due to budget constraints. Council will continue to seek funding from external agencies and if successful we will cross off items on the long wish list we have”, says Ms Ward.

She also acknowledges the Wharekahika whānau that assisted in the placement of the safety fall bark on Sunday.

“So many volunteers from the neighbouring township chipping in to tautoko the kaupapa on this. Such awesome community spirit” she says.