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New metal tags will last the lifetime of your dog

Friday 17 June, 2022

New metal tags that will last the lifetime of your dog are being rolled out as part of this year's dog registration renewals at Gisborne District Council.

Dog registrations are due from 1 July. The first 6000 people who pay theirs will receive a new smart tag for their dog. Next year, a further 6000 tags will be available so every dog in the region will have one.

The new metal smart tags replace plastic tags that had to be renewed every year.

Gisborne is one of only four councils in New Zealand using this environmentally savvy initiative, and one of only two in the North Island.

Council animal control team leader Ross Hannam says it will save about 11,000 plastic dog tags being thrown away every year.

“There was a big environmental push behind this change but it will also speed up the process as dog owners will only need to pay their registration each year and not have to wait for the tag to arrive in the mail.”

Mr Hannam says an optional service also comes along with the new metal tags.

“The company that makes them called Tag King also puts a QR code on them. You can add your dog's name for free, or pay a $20 one-off fee to add your name and address. This means if your dog goes missing, anyone who finds it can scan the QR code and get in touch with you.”

Mr Hannam says this service is completely separate from Council, which only records your dog's unique registration number on the tag.

Replacement tags are available on request. See our website if you’d like to receive your invoice by email this year, or if your contact details have changed.

For information about the smart dog tagvisit their website Tag King pet ID tags.


Photo caption: Gisborne District Council animal control team leader Ross Hannam and his dog Anzac modelling one of the new metal tags that are replacing plastic dog tags in Tairāwhiti over the next two years.

Animal control team leader Ross Hannam with his dog Anzac