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Plan for the Inner Harbour boat ramp pontoon

Tuesday 5 July, 2022

The left-hand side of the pontoon at the Inner Harbour boat ramp will be reinstalled as soon as possible it was decided at a meeting last week.

Council met with some members of the boating community at the boat ramp along with the contractor who installed the pontoon in December last year.

The pontoon broke apart on both sides in May during heavy swells.

Council Director Liveable Communities Michele Frey says last week’s meeting was a chance for everyone to understand what happened and focus on how to move forward.

“Both parties are keen to collaborate to develop immediate, medium, and long-term solutions.”

Ms Frey says immediate actions included the repair of the gangway and re-installing it with the left-hand side pontoon.

Deciding on the design for the right-hand side of the pontoon will take a bit longer, says Ms Frey.

“In the meantime, Council will install signage to caution people about the risks of accessing the pontoon ‘island’ that’s still on the left-hand side.”

A pressure recorder device will be installed in the water to gather information for what options are best suited to the right-hand side.

“We will meet again in two weeks to provide the boating community with an update.”

Medium to long-term actions include cost-effective options for the right-hand side of boat ramp.

Ms Frey says a strategic approach is needed for the long-term for all recreational craft water users.

“This will require a broad partnership approach and funding opportunity.”

Inner Harbour boat ramp July 2022