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Processing delays as Omicron circulates

Friday 11 March, 2022

Council is asking for patience and understanding from the community as it braces for delays to processing consents caused by the flow-on effect of Omicron.

Chief executive Nedine Thatcher Swann says Council staff and their whānau have been caught up in the outbreak, and she is asking those who are waiting for consents for their understanding.

Essential services will continue to run and facilities like the library, Olympic Pools and our customer services area on Fitzherbert Street will stay open.

However, Ms Thatcher Swann says disruption to consent services are harder to avoid.

“The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is having an impact on staff availability and recruiting for vacancies. This is affecting our ability to process building and resource consent applications within the statutory timeframe.”

She says Council is using consultants extensively to ensure consents are processed, however, there may be some ongoing delays as there is a national shortage of qualified planners.

“To ensure business continuity, our consents team is working from home so they can stay in their own bubbles, limiting exposure to COVID-19. This offers one layer of protection but we want to make sure our community is aware there will still be delays to the required 20 days.

“With Omicron in the mix, any loss of a staff member while they recover, will affect processing times.

“We appreciate delays will impact projects for many people, but the team will be working to deliver the best outcomes they can for the community,” says Ms Thatcher Swann.

Council’s website has more information on processing delay information to building services and resource consents.

Essential services like kerbside collection, water supply and wastewater treatment will continue to run.