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Sewer overflow notification 12 September 2022

13 Sept  8.40am - valve has been closed and the discharge has stopped. The advice regarding contact with the waterways remains for 5 days or until the signs are removed.

12 Sept 9.06am - Due to the large volumes of rain water draining from residential properties into the sewer network, the emergency sewer valve at the Gladstone Road Bridge has been opened at  9.06am.

We were able to keep them closed over the weekend however, the flows and levels haven't gone down and were still at 300% of normal when the rain started at 4am. The city has received more than 100mm of rain in the last few days.

We will close the valve as soon as the levels drop.

Diluted wastewater is being discharged into the Turanganui River.

This is done to prevent sewage from overflowing back into homes and onto roads, causing a significant health risk

Contact with the waterways may be a risk to health. We’re notifying the Medical Officer of Health, water user and sports groups.

Temporary warning signs will be installed at swimming and recreation sites.

We advise no swimming, fishing or gathering shellfish in rivers and beaches until at least 5 days after the valves are closed, and warning signs are removed.

For more information on what causes discharges and why we need to release the sewer value

To report flooding on your property