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Streetlights being fixed after parts shipment arrives

Friday 12 August, 2022

More than 110 streetlights around the district will be working again soon after a shipment of replacement parts arrived from Italy.

Electrinet started repairs earlier this week and expects to have 80 per cent of the streetlight faults on our local roads fixed by the end of next week. However, there will still be 26 streetlights with active faults that remain.

The shipment of parts arrived from Council’s supplier Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT).

The company has honoured its 10-year warranty with the LED lights Council bought in 2017/2018, many of which had faulty drivers inside.

ADLT does not know when they will get more stock to replace the faulty drivers needed to repair the remaining 26 lights.

Journeys Infrastructure manager Dave Hadfield says Council staff have tracked down another supplier of the lights in NZ that have these drivers in stock.

“This would ensure our lighting network is fully operational until the final batch of drivers arrives from ADLT through the warranty replacement.

“These will be used as spares in case other lights fail.

“I also want to thank residents again who took the time to notify Council of the faults in our community.

“Council maintains 3900 streetlights and the other LED replacements are operating very well,” says Mr Hadfield.