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Yellow lines on Joanne Street and Ruru Avenue

Monday 10 January 2022

Yellow no-parking lines will be painted on Joanne Street and Ruru Avenue this month to reduce congestion and improve safety on the Lytton West streets.

Work will start on 17 January and is expected to be finished on the same day.

Council Community Lifelines Director Dave Wilson says the yellow lines are a positive approach to managing traffic and addressing the concerns of users and residents of the roads.

“This is to ease congestion and make it easier for emergency services.”

Mr Wilson says the yellow lines will make Joanne Street a no-parking area except for designated parking spaces by the intersection with Gwyneth Place.

Ruru Avenue, off Ormond Road, will also have yellow no-parking lines painted to make it safer for pedestrians and traffic.

Mr Wilson says yellow lines will be painted on one side of Ruru Avenue only to start off with.

“These lines will start just before the Tudor Park Motel entrance and continue until the driveway entrance at number seven.

“If the lines on one side of Ruru Avenue do not improve the traffic issues, we will install yellow lines on the opposite side of the road as well.”

Residents of both streets received letters in November followed by a three-week consultation period.

Mr Wilson says feedback received during this period raised concerns from residents about visibility when entering and exiting their property, emergency vehicles being able to turn around, public transport access, safe passage for pedestrians, cyclists and community parking requirements.

Council’s Traffic and Parking team will monitor the situation after the yellow lines have been painted.