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First of its kind in Tairāwhiti - a hydrotherapy suite

Friday 3  February, 2023

For those injured, sore, or needing hydrotherapy training for rehabilitation or specialised care, our Tairāwhiti community will shortly have access to a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy suite.

The private suite based inside Kiwa Pools, will provide a place for specialised care and meet the rehabilitation needs of patients, athletes and our wider community, says Council Chief Executive Nedine Thatcher Swann.

“This suite will provide a unique specialised aquatic environment that allows for individuals to be supported by the water while they exercise. Having two bikes and a treadmill specifically placed in the water, where the person can cycle or run without the hard jarring of their joints, is necessary to help people get active again.

“This is a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool inside a dedicated space for health care where people will feel safe starting their journey back to health.

“We are keen to make the suite available to the community through arrangements with the hospitals, physiotherapists and sports team trainers in our region.”

It will also be available for members of the community to hire outside of peak hours.

Ms Thatcher Swann says the facility will contribute to the improved health and well-being of the Tairāwhiti community.

The hydrotherapy suite has in place:

·       Separate, private space within the facility to ensure comfort for users

·       Dedicated changing room, disability shower and bed

·       Hoist capability of up to 180kg - providing accessibility from changing room to pool

·       Hydraulic treadmill

·       Swim machines

·       Aqua bikes

·       Underwater swim mirror.

Kiwa Pools Aquatic Manager Campbell Macgregor says it’s exciting to be able to provide a first-class facility that is the first of its kind for our Tairāwhiti community.

“The aquatics team would like to thank Te Tahua Hapori Ngā Whakaurunga (Lottery Community Facilities) for supporting us in making this specialised suite available for the Tairawhiti community within Kiwa Pools.”

The grant was for $600,000.

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underwater treadmill