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Where to dump your silt - open tomorrow

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Two locations in Gisborne are now open and available for property owners to dispose silt – one for silt from rural, commercial, industrial properties and one for residential.

Please ensure silt is dry, and that it does not have green waste or other material mixed up with it.

“These sites are for the dumping of silt only,” says Tairāwhiti Civil Defence controller Ben Green.

“If people turn up and have silt mixed in with other materials like green waste or other flood-damaged property – then they will be turned away.

“We don’t want this to happen so please ensure it is silt only taken to these locations.”

Rural, commercial/industry silt disposal:

  • 163 Matokitoki Valley Road, Matokitoki Clean Fill and Quarry (past the Downer’s Clean Fill site)
  • Open 7am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday
  • PPE Required (mask, gloves, steel cap shoes) and check in at the Office.

Rural silt disposal

Residential silt disposal:

  • Dunstan Road (Opposite the GDC Dog Pound)
  • Open 9am – 4pm, 7 days
  • Follow directions of staff onsite

Silt residential

Be silt safe:

  • Silt is a health concern as it has fecal and flood contaminants in it
  • Wear gloves and a mask

Other Waste Disposal options:

  • If you have green waste this will be accepted by Judds, and there is a charge.
  • If you have flood-damaged items these can be taken to Jukes for free.
  • If you require a skip bin, please contact your insurance company.
  • The Gisborne Waste Management Transfer Stations is currently full and closed to the public. The Tokomaru Bay and Tolaga Bay transfer stations are both closed.
  • They are both at capacity and residents are asked to hold on to their rubbish until the transfer stations have been emptied or an alternative has been worked out.
  • All transfer stations north of Tokomaru Bay do remain open and they are accepting rubbish
  • Advice for disposing deceased animals:
    • If already on a farm, farmers are able to bury their own dead livestock as per normal conditions (considering proximity to waterways i.e. >50m), pest/vermin control etc.
    • If not on a farm, or there are too many on the property for the landowner to deal with, please phone Gisborne District Council on 0800 653 800.

Picture by Phil Yeo