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Water flows again in our main city pipeline

Thursday March 30, 2023

The water is flowing again through Gisborne city’s main pipeline six weeks after it was severely damaged by Cyclone Gabrielle.

In record time the Waingake water pipeline has been reconnected and repaired at all eight breakage points.

From today there’ll be a blend of water from the Waingake Treatment Plant and the back-up Waipaoa Treatment Plant.

This 50/50 mix will mean the discolouration will reduce.

It’ll also mean a move to Level 4 water restrictions, reviewed at Easter, which means a continued ban on most outdoor water use - such as using sprinklers and high-pressure hosing – for everyone, industry and residential.

Community Lifelines Director David Wilson says it’s been an incredible team effort.

“If you’re connected to the Gisborne city water pipe, you’ve been connected to this water crisis since the morning of February 14, and we thank you for every bit of water you’ve saved.

“We thank our contractors, all the large industries and businesses who’ve made sacrifices and found different ways of operating with less water.

“We thank our community – we noticed how much water you saved.

“If possible, please keep these habits going. We’re edging out of this water crisis, but water continues to be a precious resource and any water-saving tips that can be carried on would be greatly beneficial to everyone in our district.

“Please keep doing the right thing and not waste water.”

Mr Wilson says he’s very proud of our team who pushed through challenging conditions to get this done fast.

“Please continue to use water wisely and fix any leaks you may find.

“All these small savings add up to a lot as we recover from the effects of Cyclone Gabrielle together.”

Mr Wilson says homes that have been yellow-stickered are allowed a special exemption for essential outdoor cleaning. Otherwise, untreated water is available from the Wash n Go on Childers Road if you bring your own container between 9 and 12 noon, Monday to Friday.