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New bylaw for traffic and parking

A proposed new bylaw around traffic and parking has changes for the community to consider.

Over the past ten years Tairāwhiti’s population has increased and with it the demand on our parking and roads.

The new bylaw 2021, which revokes the 2011 bylaw, proposes to remove the inner city ban around using e-scooters, skateboards and e-skateboards to allow more people to use alternative forms of low-emission transport.

The new bylaw also proposes the creation of residents’ parking areas after Council has seen an increase in demand for suburban on-street parking.

Proposed new restrictions to prohibit vehicles on unformed legal roads, like beaches, involve making specific areas vehicle-free to protect both dunes and beach users.

A proposal to charge heavy vehicle users is in the new bylaw to ensure they contribute more towards road maintenance. There is also a new clause to restrict storage of vehicles on roads, and the final phase of the Inner Harbour parking zones is being completed.

Other proposals include restricting heavy vehicle traffic in the urban area to Awapuni Road pending safety upgrades, and having designated lanes for cyclists on Childers, Gladstone, Ormond and Crawford roads.

Consultation starts on Wednesday 13 October. Residents will be encouraged to have their say by logging on to the Council’s website and filling out a submission form.

Submissions must be in by Monday 15 November.

If you would like to speak to your submission, hearings are being held in early December.

Council’s decision will be made on Thursday 17 December.