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Peel Street traffic lights working again next week

Friday 26 May, 2023

The traffic lights will be working again at the intersection of Peel Street and Gladstone Road from early next week.

A temporary roundabout has been at the intersection since 19 February, after water made its way into the underground cabling and control box causing it to short-circuit.

Gisborne District Council’s Traffic Manager Mo Ruru says the recent cyclones, Hale and Gabrielle, played havoc with water affecting the electrical components of the traffic lights.

“We’d like to thank everyone for their cooperation over the last few months using the temporary roundabout. “We’re pleased to get this work finished and thank the companies who helped us do that.”

Mr Ruru says the work cost around $40,000, with specialist traffic light company, TSL group working alongside Currie Construction and Electrinet to get the project completed.

Temp roundabout Peel St lights

The temporary roundabout at the Peel Street and Gladstone Road intersection replaced the traffic lights since 19 February, when the control box short-circuited after too much water got into it. Contractors (below) worked to restore the connections throughout the last few weeks with some small reinstatement to the footpath left to complete.

Fixing Peel St lights