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Intention to grant a lease

Hatea-a-Rangi Memorial Park

Council proposes to grant a lease to Tokomaru Bay United Sports Club Incorporated for Hatea-a-Rangi Memorial Park:

  • Part Section 11 Block VIII Tuatini MAORI TNSP
  • Part Section 1 Block X Tuatini MAORI TNSP

Located on Mangahauini Street, Tokomaru Bay.

The lease proposal is for a term of 11 years with two 11-year rights of renewal.  The club can make changes to the clubroom including adding a multi-purpose court for community use.

For more information, see:

Submission or objection close 4pm Friday 16 December. Please indicate if you wish to formally present your submission/objection at a hearing.

Contact information

Name: Chris Visser

Phone: 06 867 2049