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Ngā whakahou waitoru

Three waters reform

Government's 3 waters service delivery arrangements for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater

Water Services Entities Bill

This bill establishes 4 publicly owned water services entities that will provide safe, reliable and efficient water services in place of local authorities.

The changes mean that in future, Council will no longer be responsible for these three water services. Instead, they would be owned and delivered by one of 4 new multi-region entities across New Zealand.

Government's Water Services Entities Bill

Our submission to the bill

Three waters reforms timeline

All water services entities operational 1 July 2024 - see timeline

Links to the Government's information

Three waters website

Department of Internal Affairs website Three Waters Reform Programme

A new system for three waters service delivery

Submissions, media releases and timeline of decisions

22 July 2022 - Our submission to the Water Services Entity Bill

26 July 2022 - Council seeks changes to the Water Services Entities Bill

7 December 2021 - Mayor continues discussions opposing three waters reform

27 October - Government announce the Three Waters Reform Programme is mandatory.

Mayor Rehette Stoltz says it’s disappointing the government will go ahead with Three Waters Reform despite our Council opting out in principle. We'll be working closely with Government on the Three Waters Reform Programme to ensure the water security needs of our community are met.

A summary of local government feedback on the three waters reform proposals

1 October - Council opts-out in principle to three waters reform

September 2021 - Meeting with ministers over reform proposal

Our submission to the government and the Castalia report

Our Submission to Government - 30 September 2021

Summary of Feedback

Castalia Report - Advice on Waters Reform - September 2021


LGNZ have some questions and answers that help explain the three waters reform