To Mātau Anga Rautaki

Our strategic framework

In consultation with the community, we created a new strategic framework for the 2021-2031 LTP. This includes: our vision, our 8 community outcomes, and our strategic priorities.

Our vision   |   Tō tātau tirohanga whakamua

Tairāwhiti maranga ake! E tīmata ana i konei.
Tairāwhiti rise up! It all starts here.

Me whiri ngātahi tātau i ngā āheinga me ngā tauwhāinga kia whakahī ai te Iwi.
Let’s navigate our opportunities and challenges together to make our community proud.

Our community outcomes  |  Ō tātau putanga hapori

A driven and enabled community

Our whole community works together to achieve our dreams and aspirations.

Resilient communities

Our economy, infrastructure and communities springsback from difficult situations. We care for and plan for future generations and act in partnership with our community.

Vibrant city and townships

We live balanced and happy lives. Our city and townships are vibrant. We attract visitors from across Aotearoa and the world. Our rural townships have sustainable infrastructure and services and we all have bright futures.

Connected and safe communities

Our communities and businesses prosper. We’ve got a safe, efficient and integrated transport network. We invest in supplying safe walking, cycling and public transport, and we use new technologies to our advantage.

We take sustainability seriously

We change the way we live and work in response to climate change. We work to lower carbon emissions and to improve our ecological footprint. We’re more resilient, we end waste and we use our natural resources wisely.

We celebrate our heritage

We’re proud of and celebrate our Māori identity, culture, historic and natural heritage. We’re all kaitiaki of our natural taonga which we protect for future generations.

A diverse economy

We’ve got world class facilities and services. Our people are in high value jobs and have a great standard of living. We’ve a strong economy which encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and we use emerging technologies.

Delivering for and with Māori

Iwi are significant partners in Council’s decision-making. Māori communities and economies are booming, supported by affordable housing, quality infrastructure and fulfilling employment opportunities.

Our strategic priorities   |   Ngā matua rautaki

We have developed strategic priorities aligned to our vision and community outcomes. These sharpen our focus to where we can be most effective.

  • Te taiao - we will protect and enhance our environment and biodiversity.
  • Te hanganga - we will invest in existing and future core infrastructure needs, with a focus on adaptive, cost efficient and effective designs that enhance our sense of place and lifestyle.
  • Ngā tikanga āwhina tāngata - we will efficiently deliver quality services that enable our communities.