To Mātau Anga Rautaki

Our strategic framework

Our Long Term Plan (LTP) states the vision for the region, what the community wants to achieve (community outcomes) and strategic priorities.

The LTP also sets out what we plan to do over the next 10 years to contribute to those outcomes.

We have an opportunity to revisit the current strategic framework as we prepare for the 2021-2031 LTP to ensure alignment with the purpose of local government and changing outcomes and goals of our community.


Tairāwhiti First!          First to see the light
Tairāwhiti Tangata     First choice for people and lifestyle
Tairāwhiti Taonga      First choice for enterprise and innovation
Tairāwhiti Wawata     First place for the environment, culture and heritage

Tairāwhiti is a region of firsts.

We are the first city in the world to see the rising sun, the first landing place of early navigators from Kiwa to Cook.

Our vision is for Tairāwhiti to be a place where people want to be and are proud to live.

A place that is home to productive and innovative businesses.

A place where we care for our environment as an integral part of our lifestyle.

A place rich in history, that celebrates and keeps alive its culture and traditions.

Community outcomes

Our community outcomes reflect our vision. We have 3 community outcomes that present an over-arching view of what we deliver our activities for:

  • Tairāwhiti tangata (our people): Gisborne’s greatest asset is its people. We are a cohesive, connected, culturally rich and creative community.
  • Tairāwhiti taonga (our environment, culture and economy): Our rich coastline, fertile soils, warm climate and abundant freshwater are key to our community’s well-being and prosperity. We celebrate our dual heritage and collaborate for a healthy future.
  • Tairāwhiti wawata (our aspirations realised): Gisborne is a district where we achieve our aspirations. We are a district that leads and advocates for itself. Citizens are actively involved in community life and Council engages the community in its decision making.

Strategic priorities

We have developed strategic priorities aligned to our vision and community outcomes. These sharpen our focus to where we can be most effective.

  • Tairāwhiti wai: improve the wellbeing of our waterways and coastal environments, including protection of healthy soils.
  • Intelligent infrastructure: invest in existing and future core infrastructure needs, with a focus on cost efficient and effective designs.
  • Intelligent investment: make sensible, long term decisions on investments and borrowing, and always seek the best value for community money.