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Draft Fees & Charges 2020/21

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Draft Fees & Charges 2020/21

Have your say on our proposed Fees and Charges for 2020/21.

Draft Fees & Charges 2020/21 [PDF, 776 KB]

Fees and charges have predominately increased by the rate of inflation of 2.3%, however some fees have had to increase further to recover actual costs. The fees and charges support the estimated income levels included in the 2018–2028 Long Term Plan.

The proposed charges reflect the true costs of each individual service, to ensure the person benefiting from the service is charged accurately rather than costs falling on the general ratepayer. The proposed changes to fees include:

• Staff time hourly charge out rates increase between 3%-10%. 
• Corridor Access Requests fees increase to $159 per hour. 
• Harbourmaster vessels requiring a pilot entering Gisborne harbour limits, changes to fees and process. 
• Animal Control impounding fee increase and penalties to incentivise responsible animal ownership behaviour. 
• Fee to hold a wedding on a reserve increases from $26 to $100. 
• Trade waste discharge fee per cubic metre increases to $0.48.

Stormwater, wastewater and water hourly charge out rates and CCTV camera hire increases 6%-27%.

New fees

Resource Consents

• Partial transfer of water consent to another person at the same site within the existing consent term $100. 
• Subscription fees $110 - $842. 
• Designations outline plan waiver $250.

Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement

• Consent administration maintenance annual fee $110.

Environmental Health Services

• New registration multi-site business – extra fee per additional site $75. 
• Renewal of registration multi site business – extra fee per additional site $50. 
• Environmental Health Services Food Act technical specialist charges $165. 
• Mobile shop, hawker or itinerant trader follow up visit to assess compliance of permit holder $165. 
• Subsequent monitoring visit as a result of non-compliance with a Health Act notice $165. 
• CBD contractors’ parking permit - $10 per week.

Submissions on the proposed fees and charges close 5pm Friday 10 April.

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