Ngā pī me ngā wāpi

Bees and wasps

Council does not deal with wasps or bees on private land.

The property owner/occupier is responsible for controlling or attending to any bee or wasp nuisance on their own property.

You can find bee and wasp contractors online or in the yellow pages of the phone book.

  • Locate the entrance to the nest during the day.
  • At night when wasps have stopped flying, sprinkle an insecticide powder (tablespoon of Carbaryl Insecticide) around the entrance.   Carbaryl is available from garden centres or hardware stores.
  • The wasps will carry the insecticide into the nest and kill all the wasps in the nest.
  • Do not shine a torch or other light on to the entrance, this will cause the wasps to come out.
  • Leave it for a few days until there's no sign of wasps.
  • It may be necessary to repeat the process 5-7 days later. Then remove the nest.

  • Spraying the nest at night with household fly spray.
  • Remove the nest containing the larvae by snipping the base with scissors and drop it into a plastic bag.
  • Otherwise contact a wasp contractor.

Keeping bees

For information about keeping bees on your property