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Oil and Gas reports

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Oil and Gas reports

Gisborne District Council has supported research to provide further information on the potential impacts of the oil and gas industry.  There has been considerable debate and concern about oil and gas exploration and extraction raised by some community members in the Gisborne district.

Petroleum Exploration and Extraction Study (1.4mb)
The study looks at the economic, social, cultural and environmental impact of the oil and gas industry. It uses case studies from Taranaki, British Colombia and the North Sea.

East Coast Oil and Gas Development Study(external link)
In August 2012, the East Coast mayors and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, with support from the regional economic development agency, Business Hawke’s Bay, agreed to carry out a joint study of the possible strategic impact that a variety of different oil and gas development scenarios may have on the East Coast region. 
This study is intended to support informed dialogue between councils, communities and iwi about the potential benefits, impacts and risks of petroleum (oil and gas) development across the East Coast of the North Island, if such a development were to eventuate.