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Titirangi Reserve

Opening Hours

How to get there

5 minutes from the city centre.
At the top of the hill, there is a one-way road down the other side, it comes out on Endcliffe Road.

There's a walking track on the Kaiti Beach Road side opposite the port.  

Queens Drive, Kaiti Hill

Things to do

  • A31 A - Dogs on Leash
  • Fitness - Fitness Trail
  • Lookout - Lookout
  • Picnic Table - Picnic Tables
  • Playground - Playground
  • Walking - Walkway

Things you can't do

  • No Camping - X No Camping
  • No Fire - X No Fires

About Titirangi Reserve

Titirangi Reserve, also known as Kaiti Hill, is a tourist attraction (one of the city's most visited attractions) and valued for its historic and cultural importance, as well as a recreational and tourism.
On Titirangi Reserve you will find 4 main lookouts, the eastern-most observatory in the world, a World War II gun emplacement, 6 car parking areas, a playground, a fitness course including tracks and stairs, picnic areas and seating around many viewpoints.

Mountain biking is also a popular activity within the area although there are currently no approved trails for their use.

Te Poho-o-Rawiri Marae is located on the north side of Titirangi.

Hold an event on the reserve

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Reserve management plan

Read the plan for managing Titirangi Reserve


Historically, Titirangi Reserve is the site of an ancient Maori Pa, and was named by the first Maori settlers in remembrance of their homeland.
Captain James Cook and his crew were the first Europeans to arrive when they came ashore at the base of Titirangi in October 1769.

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