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Provincial Growth Fund - Unlocking our economic potential

30 Sep 2019

Provincial Growth Fund - Unlocking our economic potential

When announced in September last year that Tairāwhiti would receive $137 million from the Provincial Growth Fund to unlock Tairāwhiti’s economic potential (adding to the $232 million investment also announced from the National Land Transport Fund – one of the largest investments from this Fund the region has ever received), Gisborne District Council’s strategy was clear: make hay while the sun shines and upgrade the Tairāwhiti road network in time for the brunt of winter to ensure that it remained open and operational.

When the contract for the package was signed in May this year, Council had already made serious progress on key priority projects to ensure progress before winter set in.

Three months later, over $12 million has been invested into our local road network. An extra $2 million dollars of heavy metal has been laid on high priority rural roads, $2.6 million into upgrading our city streets and close to $1 million spent on improving drainage. An extra $6 million of PGF funds will be invested by June 2020.

Network resilience improvements - $10m

City asphalt upgrades, heavy metal on rural roads, drainage maintenance, culvert repairs.

Expected completion: Jun 2020

Rakaiatane Road upgrade - $4.5m

Full road surface upgrade, stormwater management, kerb and lighting repairs.

Expected completion: Feb 2020

Bridge strengthening - $3m

Funding to repair bridges to withstand future freight.

Expected completion: Jun 2021

Flood damage - $2m

Recovery from Cyclone Pam, Debbie and Cook, 2018 Queen’s birthday flood; 92% funded by NZTA, 8% funded by Provincial Growth Fund.

Expected completion: Jun 2021

Heavy industry zone - $4.2m

Aerodrome Road will be widened and upgraded to ensure industrial growth. This project is currently being designed and will be tendered later this year. Work is expected to start in late 2020.

Expected completion: Late 2021

More projects in the pipeline

The following business cases will be written and submitted to NZTA for approval. Each study can take up to nine months to complete.

East Cape Road sealing

A case will be made to seal hazardous stretches of East Cape Road.

East Cape security 

Due to erosion and rising sea levels, East Cape Road is under threat. A case will be made to secure multiple parts of the road.

Local route security 

A number of rural road sites will be recommended for repair to improve network resilience and industry growth.

Tiniroto Road security  

A business case will establish the viability of upgrading Tiniroto Road and analyse the route as an alternative transport connection.

King Road / Harper Road upgrade 

A study and business case will be made to widen this route to prepare for future industry and residential growth.