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Rates direct debit

You can pay your rates by direct debit - the payments are made direct from your bank account to us. The deduction can be: 
• monthly - on the 20th day of each month 
• quarterly - on the rate instalment last day 
• fortnightly - every 2nd Friday 
• weekly - every Friday.

If payment falls on a public holiday, our deductions are processed the next business day. 

EasyPay by direct debit - application form

Fill in the EasyPay form and return it to us.

Rates EasyPay - Direct Debit Form [PDF, 529 KB]

Write the property valuation number in the payer code box. You can find the valuation number on your rates invoice. Or write the property address on the form. Remember to tick your payment option.

Questions and answers

Q. What happens if I miss a payment?

We will write to you about the missed payment.  Your payment plan may be revised to ensure that your annual rates are paid in full by 30 June of each year.

Q. What if I haven't got enough money in my account to cover the payment?

Tell us as soon as possible, at least 2 working days before it's due to be deducted from your bank. For example if your payment is deducted from your account on Friday, you would need to let us know by midday Wednesday. Then we can make alternative arrangements. Contact us

Q. What if I receive a rate rebate?

Apply for your rate rebate as normal - each year.  When you receive a rate rebate it will be taken into account and your payments will be revised.  We will send you a letter setting out the revised payments.

Q. How do I stop the direct debit?

Tell us that you want to cancel your direct debit.  We need at least 2 days before the direct debit is due to be deducted from your bank account. Contact us

Q. What if I have overdue rates owing?

Contact our Revenue team, they'll work with you to come to an agreed payment plan. The amount will be reviewed each year and you'll be sent a letter to advise you of the new amount.

Q. Will I be charged a penalty if I don't pay on time?

If you contact us to make an agreed payment arrangement, we'll reverse the penalty if there's no missed payments after 3 months.