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Rates rebate scheme

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Rates rebate scheme

We provide the rates rebate scheme on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs. 

Low income homeowners can apply for a rate rebate for 2020/21, applications close 30 June 2021. 

How is my rebate worked out?

With the rates rebate scheme you could get up to $655 off your rates bill, this depends on your income, number of dependants and how much your rates are. 

A rebate must be claimed during the current rate year, rebates cannot be claimed for past rate years.  You must apply each year for your rebate. 

To apply, you must be:

  • the person who pays the rates on the property that's your home
  • living in your home 
  • listed as the ratepayer on our Rating Information Database (RID)

You can't apply if:

  • you're not the legal ratepayer
  • your property is mainly used for commercial activities, such as farming or business
  • your property is a rental or holiday home

If you move during the year, check with us to see if you can still get a rate rebate.

Are you eligible?

You can check your eligibility for a rebate. There's Q&As on this website if you live in a retirement village, you own more than one property, or a trust owns your property: 
• visit the NZ Government website for more information(external link)  
• our staff will also be able to confirm your entitlement - contact customer service

How to apply

Print and fill in the application form on the NZ Govt website(external link) 

We'll work out your rate rebate for you, you must sign the application form.  Please bring in your: application form; current rates invoice; accurate information about your income (before tax) for the year ending 31 March 2020; accurate information about your partner or joint homeowner’s income (before tax) for the year ending 31 March 2020.

Your name must be on the certificate of title to qualify. If you receive national superannuation or a government benefit we already have these income amounts.

The last day you can apply for the rate rebate for this year is 30 June 2021.

If you're an owner-occupier or live in a company share

If you're an owner of an owner-occupier and your name's not on the rates bill, you must have a letter from the person whose name is on the rates invoice stating what the total rates are, and how much you pay towards them.
You need to fill in this form Owner-Occupier declaration form (38kb)

Source of Income
What evidence you need
Any Work & Income benefit for the full year No evidence needed. We have the amounts
Interest and dividends Bank or company tax certificate
Any Work & Income benefit for part of the year. Information of amount received
Wages or salary  Declare your gross income for the tax year ended 31 March 2020.
Your employer or IRD can tell you.
Self-employed Declare your net business income for the tax year ended 31 March 2020.

Income does not include - cash grants, family tax credits (family support), war widow's or war disablement benefit, medal or honour payments, grants for funeral expenses, prizes and winnings.

How long will it take to process your application?

It's takes about 10-15 minutes; we'll let you know the outcome at the end of the process.

If you're not able to come into Council, please contact us - we can arrange someone to visit to assist you with your rebate application.

When and where to apply

You must apply every rating year.  Our rating year is from 1 July to 30 June.  You'll receive your first rate invoice in August each year.

Come into our customer service centres, no appointment is necessary:

If you have any questions about the rates rebate scheme, or the application process please contact us

For more information visit the NZ Government website(external link)