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Private water tank supply

How safe is your water source?

If your water comes from a water collection tank, it's up to you to keep it safe and free from contaminants.

SourceReduce contamination
In the tank - organic matter like leaves, dead animals and their faeces could be washed down the spouting into the water tank.Regularly clean spouting, roof and tank.  Install mesh screens on spouting.
Buying water - Many residents need to buy water during the summer.  Water carriers are advised to follow standard procedures to ensure safety of water supplies.Always use a reputable water carrier and ask what the source of the water is before ordering.
Water in the ground   
Springs - Water quality depends on where the spring is recharged from. If that is a bush catchment - the quality is likely to be high, however, if farm animals have access, they are a potential source of pollutionFence off water source to exclude stock and protect it from run-off. Ensure sound piping in place from source to storage tanks.
Streams - Steams and rivers are high risk.  It's not recommended as a drinking water sourceVirtually impossible to prevent contamination.
Bores - Ground water varies in bacterial & chemical composition, depending on bore depth and aquifer source. In Poverty Bay, it usually contains dissolved iron, which can affect the taste and cause staining.Council samples a number of wells within the Poverty Bay aquifer system to assess quality.  Check with our water conservation team for further information about results.

If you think you may have a problem with your tank water, please contact us.

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