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Water mains flushing

Our contractors carry out flushing of water mains in dead-end streets, twice a year (April/May and Sept/Oct). The affected streets are listed below and advertised on the radio and newspaper.

After the water-main has been flushed in your street, we recommended you run your front outside tap.  This is only a precaution to prevent possible rusty water from staining your washing.

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Flush water before drinking

Residents are reminded of the Ministry of Health recommendation to flush a mugful of water from drinking-water taps (including those with filters) each morning before use to remove any metals that may have dissolved from plumbing fittings. This is recommended for all households, including those on public and private water supplies.

A water supply interruption

Water interruptions may be planned or emergency shutdowns.

If planned our contractors will put a notice in your letterbox advising of any programmed water supply interruption.

The notice will tell you the day and time the water supply is to be turned off for maintenance or repairs. Things you may wish to do:

  • store some water for general usage
  • switch off the hot water cylinder or don't use your hot water
  • turn off the taps to the automatic washing machine
  • make sure there are no clothes or items in the sink in case a tap is left on accidentally
  • turn your toby off at your boundary
  • once the water is back on, turn on the closest tap to your toby, let it run for a few minutes.

Problems you may experience when the water is back on

No health concerns, this is usually air trapped in the water.

Turn on a tap on for at least 5 minutes to run it clear.

Contact us If the water is still milky after this.

Flushing of the mains has stirred up residue in the pipe.

Turn your tap on for at least 5 minutes to run it clear.

Contact us if the water is still rusty.

Toilet not refilling or water not running properly (low pressure).

An airlock or residue may have blocked part of the fillings.

Turn on your outside tap hard for a few minutes

Contact us if there's still no water.