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Level 5 - High Water Alert

Water restriction levels - reduce use

Nga taumata ohiti aukatinga wai

Water restriction alert levels

Due to major breaks in our water pipeline - we are at Level 5

The main water pipeline to the Waingake Water Treatment Plant has suffered major breaks from the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle. We are relying on our supplementary water supply plant at Waipaoa to supply and meet demand. Our city reservoirs are low.

No outdoor water use

We have water restrictions in place so we have enough water. Therefore the following restrictions apply to all city water supply users.

High water users

Users: Industry and major food producers.
Can operate using Council's supply with agreed allocation.

Outdoor water users

Users - truck, bus, fleet, car washers, wash pads, valet services, roading, dust control, water blasting, horticulture, irrigation, nurseries, stock water, pool filling.
Cannot use Council's mains water supply.
Non-Council mains supply use only, please contact logistic coordinator

Essential businesses

Users: laundromats, rest homes, hospitals, accommodation providers, supermarkets
Can use Council's mains water but must have water reduction strategies in place.

Food businesses

Users: bars, restaurants, cafes and takeaways.
Can use Council's mains water but must have reduction strategies in place.

Moderate users

Users: Hairdressers
Can use Council's mains water but must have water reduction strategies in place.

Low users

Users: - commercial premises - offices, non-food retail and households
No water use other than staff or household personal hygiene, drinking and food preparation.
No outdoor water use

Requirements for all water users at all alert levels

Download - Water Alert Levels and Restrictions - updated 26 February 2023

City water supply Q&As

Q. My water is yellow, red or brown. Is it safe to drink?
A. The likely cause of this is iron from the water we’re using to treat at present.

Iron is not unsafe to drink but it may make your food and beverages taste metallic and stain your dishes and laundry.

The water leaving the treatment plant is safe to drink. If you’re concerned we can test your water for you.

There is naturally occurring iron in the Waipaoa River source water.

This is being seen at some connections as a brown colour that may come and go.

There’s lot of additional testing happening on the water sources and from the city pipework.

Importantly, if you see actual settled out silt in the water, please contact our customer service team.

Iron is an Aesthetic Value in the NZ Drinking Water Standards. Aesthetic Values specify or provide minimum or maximum values for substances and other characteristics that relate to the acceptability of drinking water to consumers (such as appearance, taste, or odour).

The Aesthetic Value for Iron is less than or equal to 0.3 mg/l.

We expect test results in a few days, this will show what the treated water iron levels are.

Why is my water different

The water supplied from the Waingake water catchment (Mangapoike dams) can be described as 'soft water'.

The water supplemented from the Waipaoa River to the council supplied water can be described as 'hard water'.

Soft water has less calcium and magnesium, while hard water has high calcium and magnesium.

The difference between hard and soft water

Water saving tips

Easy water savings you can do around your home Water saving tips

Water breaks infographic