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Road information

We provide information on Gisborne district roads that we maintain.Twitter 
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Temporary road closures

Road closures for events are advertised on our public notices

Local road updates

For state highways (SH 2 Wairoa south, Opotiki north and SH35 via the coast) please visit NZTA's website

Road Location Status Verified Comments Expected resolution Updated Maps/Photo
Maungahaumi Road Barrons Road intersection Closed Verified Dropout 21 Jul 2017
04:00 pm
17 Jul 2017
10:08 am
Anaura Road Nuhiti Slip Closed Verified Large Slip - Road closed from 11.330kms To be advised 26 Jun 2017
03:45 pm
Dymock Road 1km Closed Verified Slip To be advised 15 Jul 2017
11:41 am
Ruakaka Road 6.5km mark Closed Verified Slip To be advised 15 Jul 2017
03:23 pm
East Cape Road 3.5km mark Closed Verified Drop out / large slip To be advised 24 Jul 2017
09:41 am
Tarndale Road Approx. 2.5km Caution Verified Drop out - narrow section - recommended light traffic only To be advised 12 Jul 2017
09:56 am
Wallis Road seaward end cul de sac Caution Verified Slip To be advised 15 Jul 2017
09:38 am
Tiniroto Road Hangaroa Bluffs Caution Verified One lane, various slips along road To be advised 17 Jul 2017
09:44 am
Parikanapa Road 22km mark Caution Verified Road narrows To be advised 17 Jul 2017
09:43 am
Pehiri Road approx. 25km Caution Verified Light traffic only - Closed to heavy traffic, use alternative route Taumata via Wharekopae To be advised 17 Jul 2017
04:00 pm
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