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Rebuild project

Fitzherbert Street administration centre rebuild project.

Questions and answers on how and why decisions have been made so far.

Includes a timeline of the background documents from 2011.



Permit required to light any fire

A restricted fire season is in place.  
You must have a fire permit before you light any fire in the open. This includes rubbish fires, incinerators, braziers, outdoor fireplaces, coal and wood-fire cooking, paper lanterns etc.

A total fire ban applies to all summer camping areas and beaches. The only exceptions are gas cookers and BBQ. Permits can take up to 3 business days to issue.

Summer camping survey

We want your feedback about summer camping.

Are you happy with how it currently works - or would you like to see changes?

Fill in the survey and go into the draw to win a $100 voucher.

Survey closes Monday 8 February

Apply for funding now

The Creative Communities Scheme is now open for funding.

Do you want funding for local community projects that encourage and increase arts participation?

Then apply now for funding.  Applications close Friday 26 February.

Sprinkler restrictions in place

Water Alert Level 1 means you can only use sprinklers between 6-8am. Keep hand-held hosing to a minimum.

With temperatures on the rise - so is the city's water use.

Please conserve water now. Check out our water savings tips 

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