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Mahere Toru Tau 2024-2027

2024-2027 Three Year Plan

Why we're planning for 3 years not 10 years

Due to the disruption caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, the Government changed the legislated requirement for us to produce a Long Term Plan with a ten-year scope.

The Government has instead allowed us to prepare an unaudited, three year plan for 2024-2027 to help Te Tairāwhiti focus on recovery. They recognised that the level of cyclone damage has created uncertainty about costs, funding and the timing and extent of recovery work affected councils need to do. And also the effects this has had on our resources and ability to deliver previously planned projects. Affected councils would struggle to develop the information and quality of engagement required to complete a 2024-2034 Long Term Plan while they are focused on recovering and rebuilding.

The focus of the three-year plan is on cyclone recovery while enabling and encouraging councils to demonstrate, as far as practicable, the financial and service implications beyond 30 June 2027.

For information on the clarification of consultation requirements for specified councils, on the Department of Internal Affairs website Local Government Cyclone Response - dia.govt.nz

Our Three Year Plan 2024-27

We’re now developing our Three Year Plan. The environment we’re currently facing is new and challenging. There are different external factors that will impact the direction our plan will take. Recovery will be a primary focus and will require the re-prioritisation of many activities.

Community consultation is planned for March-April 2024

Supporting documents and information

Report to Council - November 2023

We prepare an environmental scan every 3 years to report on the state of the physical, demographic, economic and infrastructure environment in which it operates.

The 2023 Environmental Scan has been developed to support and inform the strategic direction of and the prioritisation for the 2024-2027 Three Year Plan.
5 factors have been examined:  political, social, economic, environmental, and technological.

The scan takes into account the context of our region following 9 major weather events within a 2-year period.

2023 Environmental Scan

A Long Term Plan (LTP) pulls together a plan for all our our priorities, projects and activities for the next 10 years and how we will manage, deliver and pay for them.

The Local Government Amendment Act 2010 (LGA) requires all councils to develop a Ten Year Long Term Plan, which must be reviewed every 3 years to ensure it's relevant and accurate going forward into the next 10 years.

Our next ten-year Long Term Plan will be created in 2027.

Our current 2021-2031 Long Term Plan was adopted on 30 June 2021