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River flows

Take status for compliance for active water take consent holders

Resource consents issued by Gisborne District Council to take water from a river have conditions that define where and when water may be taken.

The information below indicates whether you may take water from a river according to your consent conditions.
For information read water level low flows

*The take status is calculated based on data recorded for the previous day. Sites that are affected by tide use minimum recorded flow. Sites not affected by tide use the median recorded flow.

'Take Status' of a river is recalculated each night and will be valid for approximately 24 hours, or until the web page is updated again.  The model is updated after midnight each night. See the Model Updated date and time to see the exact time it was last updated.**

**This is so active consent holders can plan their water takes for the day ahead with some certainty, particularly during times of low flow.

Please note that flow rates are now displayed in litres per second (L/s), not cubic metres per second (m3/s).
1 m3/s (1 cubic metre per second) = 1000 litres/second.  For example – 1300 litres/second equates to 1.300 m3/s.

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