Te kōeketanga awa

River levels

Gisborne District Council river stage levels and river flow data.

All times are NZDT, this means they are adjusted for daylight savings if it’s in place.

Water quantity

Visit LAWA for water quantity data.

These pages have information collected by telemetry devices and council monitoring staff.

The technology we use allows you to see the data as soon as it's available to us.

Use an Edge, Firefox or Chrome browser to view these pages. They do not work on an Internet Explorer browser.

Multiple reports on the one webpage

Some pages have multiple reports. Choose the type from the buttons at the bottom of the report.


Dropdown menus for selection

Most of the webpages offer a dropdown menu to select the site. This selection will apply to all reports on the page.

Some pages offer a second dropdown menu to select the measurement.

Multiple dropdowns for site and measurement

Selecting sites on the map

Spots to select that site Click on the spot on the map to select that site. This selection only applies to the current report.

You can select more than one site by holding the Ctrl key while selecting on your additional choices. This works in the dropdown menu or on the map.

To see more information

Hover over a site on the map and you will see more information about the location.

Hover over a result on the map to obtain the result of that measurement.

Hover over a result to see the measurement

Changing the page appearance and exporting data

More options

Hover over a chart, and in the top right corner there are 3 dots - for more options.

Here you can choose to see the graph data as a table. If you see a blue "i" like above, it means there is too much data for the graph to show all of it. If this happens, choose "Export data" (under more options) to download a data file which includes all data including what can't be displayed in the graph or table.

Beside the 3 dots is a "Focus mode" button, which enlarges the chart to fill the space.

More environmental monitoring maps and data