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Akomanga whakakorikori wai

Aquafit classes

Keen to join one of our aquafit classes?

We have a range of aqua classes and times to suit every age and ability. At Kiwa Pools, we have classes in shallow and deep water. You control the intensity of your workout.


$7 for a casual or $65 for a concession card of 10 classes.
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Classes timetable

 6-7am Masters 6-7am Masters 7-8am  
9 - 9.45am AquaMotion
9 - 9.45am
9 - 9.45am AquaMotion
9 - 9.45am
Rosina or Tori
9 - 9.45am AquaMotion
8.15 - 9am
Deep Water 
  11.11.45am AquaMobility
 10 - 10.45am AquaMotion
 5.30 - 6.15pm AquaBootCamp - Tori  6 - 6.45pm AquaBootCamp - Ashley  
6 - 7pm
 6 - 7pm

Our classes

A description of the class

Caters for a range of ages and levels including our seniors.

An emphasis is placed on functional fitness - strengthening the body for everyday life.

The instructor uses low impact techniques while providing a general workout for those just wanting to improve overall fitness.

Combination of group and individual exercises.

Includes the use of pool equipment and is designed to increase your heart rate into the cardio zone.

This class is a higher intensity class.

Held in the hydro pool during school term only.

It's a safe, low-impact and gentle aqua class primarily for people recovering from brain and spinal injuries or conditions.

These include but are not limited to: stroke, spinal injury, brain injury, and cerebral palsy.

Master’s group has a variety of swim abilities. Focus on swim fitness - lane swimming.

Building and maintaining swim fitness with some focus on stroke correction.  Normal pool entry fee applies.

This class is in deep water and uses the aqua belt.

Offers a variety of exercise with the goal to increase your heart rate and work on muscle tone.

Suitable for most fitness levels as variety of levels and options are offered.

Benefits of aqua fitness

Aqua fitness is a workout in water, with minimal impact on joints this form of exercise is for all ages and swimming abilities and designed to:

  • increase cardiovascular conditioning
  • improve muscle tone and aid in weight loss.

The support the water gives and the resistance it provides makes aqua fitness ideal for sport and injury recovery, expectant mothers and anybody who may be starting back into some physical activity.