Te whakatāpui pāka

Booking a park, reserve, beach, sports field

If you wish to use a Council park, reserve, sports field or beach reserve for an event, activity, sports match or wedding, you need to book it with us first.

Check the list of Council maintained parks, reserves, beach reserves and sports grounds.

A - B
Abbott Street ReserveAdventure Playground
Alfred Cox ParkAnzac Park
Atkinson Street ReserveAwapuni Sports Stadium
Ayton Park 
Barry ParkBlackpool Reserve
Beach (Waikanae Cut to Midway Beach)Botanical Gardens - see map for areas of the gardens
C - H
Centennial Crescent ReserveChilders Road Reserve
Coldstream Road Reserve 
Dalton Street ReserveEmily Street Reserve
Gaddums Hill ReserveGrant Road Reserve
Hacche Road ReserveHall Street Reserve
Harry Barker ReserveHeath Johnston Reserve
Heipipi (Endeavour Park) by the courthouseHospital Hill Reserve
I - M
Ida Road ReserveJames Parker Memorial Garden 
Kaiti Hill (Titirangi Reserve)Kaiti Memorial Park
Kelvin Park (by the museum) 
London Street Reserve 
Makorori Headland ReserveMangapapa Reserve
Marina Park and Rose GardenMartin Street Reserve
Mary Street ReserveMidway Beach
Makorori Beach 
N - S
Nelson Park 
OvalOxford Street Reserve
Rose Garden - Marina ParkRutene Road Reserve
Seddon  Crescent ReserveShelly Road Reserve
Skate Park (Alfred Cox Park) 
T - W
Titirangi ReserveWaihirere Reserve
Wainui Beach and Lysnar ReserveWaiteata Park
Watson ParkWhataupoko Reserve
Waikanae Beach

Doneraille Park 
Hatea-A-Rangi Reserve (Tokomaru Bay)Hicks Bay beach or reserve
Loisels (Waihau Beach)Lottin Point reserve
Matawai reservesMotu reserve
Onepoto Foreshore ReserveOrmond reserve
Patutahi Recreation ReserveRere Falls and Rockslide
Ruatoria reservesTe Arai (Manutuke)
Te Araroa reserves 
Te Karaka reservesTe Puia Springs reserve
Tikitiki Recreation ReserveTiniroto reserve
Turihaua / Pouawa beach reserveUawa (all Tolaga Bay reserves)
Waipiro Bay Domain

If you're organising an event on a Council reserve, refer to our event organising webpage.

Cost for a sports ground

To hold an event or match on a Council sports ground, a fee is charged based on the grounds maintenance cost. The fee is provided on application.

Example of how costs are calculated ... if a team or club books a complete ground for the winter season only, and that ground cost $80,000 the previous financial year to maintain - the cost will be $2,000 for the winter season use.  If only one field is booked - the fee would be $1,000 for the winter season use.

Booking a reserve for a commercial event

Any commercial event or activity is charged a fee based on the type of event.

If you're organising an event on a Council reserve, also refer to our event organising webpage

The fee is provided on application.

Wedding on a reserve or beach

If you're planning to get married on the beach, at or any other Council owned park or reserve, you need to book the area.

Botanical Gardens - If you wish to book the Botanical Gardens, we need to know which area of the gardens you would like to use, check the map for the area you would like.
Botanical Gardens Booking Areas

A $108 booking fee applies for weddings.
You pay this once your booking has been confirmed by our staff. The fee is non-refundable if it rains.

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