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Te tōpuni ki te Tāhuna o Kaiaua

Kaiaua Beach camping

Restricted seasonal camping area, permit required.

Camping at Kaiaua Beach is closed.

You must have a permit before you set up camp. Apply here online

There's no charge for a permit. You must comply with all the conditions on the permit and in the bylaw.

You need to manage your own rubbish.

Camping is allowed in tents and vehicles - chemical toilets are required.

Know the camp site rules

About Kaiaua Beach

Kaiaua Beach is 60km from Gisborne and 274km from Opotiki. The beach is 6km from the state highway turn-off.

Excellent beach for fishing and swimming.

Rubbish and recycling

We're zero waste at our camping areas.  You need to manage your own rubbish.

No rubbish collection service is provided at the site.  You’re responsible for taking your rubbish and recycling away with you. The closest transfer station is Tolaga Bay - see opening hours

Use the containers on site for chemical toilet waste.

Where you can camp at Kaiaua Beach


Restricted, temporarily closed and prohibited camping areas