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Te tōpuni ki te Tāhuna o Turihaua

Turihaua Beach camping

Restricted seasonal camping area, permit required.

Camping at Turihaua Beach is closed.

You must have a permit before you set up camp. Apply here online

There's no charge for a permit. You must comply with all the conditions on the permit and in the bylaw.

You must manage your own rubbish.

Camping is allowed in tents and vehicles - chemical toilets are required.

Know the camp site rules

About Turihaua Beach

Turihaua Beach is located approximately 16km from Gisborne city.

The camping area is either side of the bridge. Good fishing and swimming.

We do not recommend swimming in the lagoon as it often has poor water quality and the bacteria can make you sick. It's often blocked by a sandbar and only flushed during heavy rain so run-off from farms upstream accumulate in the lagoon.

For safety reasons no tents or caravans are allowed to be set up within 10m of the edge of the road. No vehicle can park within 5m of the edge of the road. The area will be marked out with 5 and 10 metre lines.

Where you can camp at Turihaua Beach

Restricted seasonal camping area

Restricted seasonal camping area

Rubbish and recycling

We encourage zero waste. 

You need to manage your own rubbish. No bags are issued with permits so you need to take your own.

We also encourage you to take your waste home with you or to the nearest transfer station at Tolaga Bay or Gisborne city.

Do not put rubbish bags on the roadside.

Map of restricted and prohibited camping areas in our district