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Property valuations

Re-evaluating your property 2023

The district-wide rating revaluation takes place this year.

The effective date of valuation is 1 August 2023. The new valuations would be used for rating purposes from July 2024. Owners will be advised of the new valuation for their property by post or eNotice in December 2023.

Properties are revalued every 3 years. The last time was in 2020 and values reflect the market value as it was on 1 September 2020.

The revaluation process

We contract valuation company Lewis Wright to review the current rating valuations for the Gisborne district and reassess all the properties relative to the market as at 1 August 2023.

Lewis Wright will make a detailed analysis using all the relevant sales data, detailed background information and anecdotal evidence to ensure the revised values fairly represent the market. This mass appraisal process will factor in the impact of the recent weather events that may have affected rural, commercial and residential properties. The objection process enables owners to have their rating valuation reviewed.