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Objection to rating valuation

The 2023 property valuations were based on the property market as it was on 1 August 2023. The value reflects how much the property would likely have sold for on 1 August. Property sales after 1 August will be considered in the next 2026 general revaluation.

Property owners received notice of the revaluation and objections closed 31 January 2024. You can't object to a district-wide rating revaluation after this date.

Objection process

If you submitted an objection, it will be reviewed by a valuer from Lewis Wright.

Lewis Wright will respond to you and schedule an inspection if it's needed. If a valuer visits and you're not home they'll leave a calling card.

You will receive the outcome of the consideration of your objection in writing.

As a result of your objection the value of your property could go up, or down, or it may not change. A change in valuation may result in a change of rates for that property.

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your objection, you can lodge an objection with the Land Valuation Tribunal within 20 days of receiving the decision of review letter. You will need to pay a hearing fee for this.

At the Land Valuation Tribunal hearing you'll be required to state your estimate of the value and provide evidence to support your claim.

This evidence would normally be information about sales of similar properties which occurred a or near the date of the valuation. The Land Valuation Tribunal will make a decision based on the evidence presented.

For more information go to Land Valuation Tribunal(external link)

Reasons for objecting to a rating valuation include:

  • A rating valuation has changed because of a building consent or subdivision.
  • You think the property valuation is incorrect, but not because of the effect a valuation has on your rates.
  • You've made non-consented improvements to your property or removed improvements that we're not aware of.
Non-consented property improvements

If you've done major work on your home that didn't require a building consent, this could change the property's rating value.

Non-consented improvements that would trigger a valuation review include:
  • House modernisation – renovation of kitchen, bathroom or ensuites
  • Window joinery replacement
  • Decking or large patio
  • Significant retaining or levelling
  • Major landscaping, including new concrete/paved driveways
  • Solar water or power
  • Building under 30m2 such as sleep outs and garages
  • Carports under 40m2
Work that’s unlikely to trigger a valuation review includes:
  • Chattels - new carpet, curtains, light fittings etc
  • Home maintenance - painting, decorating, replacement plumbing or electrical work.
  • Minor improvements such as heat pump, HRV system, solid fuel heater, fencing or garden sheds.
  • New tenant fit-out for commercial properties.

You can request a rating review at any time under Section 16 of the Valuation Act 1998 if you think the values are wrong.

Values were assessed at 1 August 2023 to preserve uniformity with existing rating values of comparable properties. They do not represent current market value.

This request does not guarantee a change to the property’s rating valuation. But if it does we may need to reassess your current year’s rates. We’ll let you know if your rates change.

You do have to pay for a review under Section 16. Lewis Wright will contact you within 2 weeks of receiving your request to arrange a time to visit your property. The cost of the inspection will be directly payable to Lewis Wright.

How we keep up with changes to property improvements

All granted building consents are sent to Lewis Wright for valuation review. Lewis Wright inspects the property and makes any amendments the rateable valuation to reflect the work.

The owner/ratepayer receives a notice of rating valuation from Council reflecting the revised values, during the rating year. These value changes are already reflected in the revised revaluation, or will be captured by Council to keep your rate record accurate.

But we may not be aware of any building that's been removed.

Please contact us to keep your record correct, as it may affect your property value.