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Rates relief options

We're here to help and work with you

No matter what your situation is, we can help by working together to find the best option for you to pay your rates.

If your home, business or property has been hit hard by Cyclone Gabrielle we have rates relief options that might help you.

Payment plan

We can work with you on a suitable payment plan that works within your budget. Contact us on the form below

Defer your rates payment for up to 6 months

If it’s likely you'll still be in difficulty, you can ask to defer your rates.

This means no rates payment required for up to 6 months. No penalties will be applied but there will be low-interest payments at approximately 4.75% on the amount of rates deferred.

To apply, please use the online form below.

To apply to defer you rates, you must agree to the terms and conditions below

  • You will provide evidence of at least a 30 percent reduction in income for a period of at least one month compared to the same period in 2022. This may include evidence from my/our bank, accountant or employer.
  • You have circumstances resulting from Cyclone Gabrielle, other than a 30% reduction in income, that should be taken into consideration to defer rates. I/We understand this is assessed on a case-by-case basis and agree to provide details.
  • You agree to a payment plan, up to 12 months, to pay my rates after the end of the 6 month deferment.
  • You agree interest will be charged during the 6 month deferral time frame. The interest charged (approx 4.75%) on the amount of rates deferred. This is the weighted cost of interest to Council.
  • You will provide the evidence of income needed for my application within the agreed time frame when you contact me.

Rates rebate

You may be eligible for a rates rebate, here's more information on the rates rebate scheme

Rates remission for the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle

The following remissions of rates are available:

  • Penalty remission of any outstanding rates from Instalment 3 that was due on 20 February 2023.  This has automatically been remitted and no application is necessary.
  • Rate remission for homes or businesses that have been red or yellow stickered under the authority of S133BT of the Building Act 2004 or the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002.  
    Rates instalments 3 and 4 will be remitted. This will be applied automatically where possible.
    If your property has been red or yellow stickered but you have not received a rate remission, please contact us or use the application form for Hardship and Exceptional Circumstances Remission 

  • Rate remission for severely eroded or impacted properties, includes those properties with crop or pasture damage. 
    Rates instalments 3 and 4 for 2022/23 may be remitted.  
    Please complete an application form for Hardship and Exceptional Circumstances Remission
    Also provide photos and other information to support your application.

We're here to help

For any rates assistance, we're here to help. Please contact our rates team on this form.

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