Whakahaere patu riha 1080

1080 pest management

Pest management control

Gisborne District Council has not used 1080 since 2001.

It was used in bait stations from 1990 to 2000 and has been used in 2 aerial drops; one in 2000 and one in 2001.

Prior to 2000, a paste form of 1080 was used for ground-based operations, applied in bait stations or suitable tree baiting sites.

Council was contracted by private land owners in 2000 and 2001 to aerial drop 1080 pellet bait to control possums on land in the Ruatoria and Mangatu Forest area.

With increased concerns about the risks of continued use of 1080, Council looked at other available control options for possum poisoning.  Increased concerns from dog owners was also a factor considered for change in toxin use.

Use of 1080 by previous local authorities in Gisborne

The East Coast Pest Destruction Board (ECPDB) used 1080 from 1980 through to the amalgamation of local authorities in 1989.

1080 was primarily used to control possums, as other toxins at the time - Cyanide paste and Phosphorous paste -  were considered to be less effective for large scale control programmes.

There were several 1080 aerial baiting operations carried out by the ECPDB. Most were carried out in the Wairoa district and 2 in the Gisborne district.

Both aerial and ground based applications of 1080 had to meet strict criteria and only proceed with final approval from the Medical Officer of Health. Strict operational procedures also needed to be complied with.

Would 1080 be used again in future?

1080 is still an optional tool in our possum control toolbox.

There are national regulations governing the use of 1080 and we would only consider using 1080 if it was absolutely necessary and where sites are considered carefully under specific conditions.

This would include where sites are inaccessible by foot and in the event of animals being infected with TB.