Mahinga whakauka hiwi tuawhenua

Sustainable hill country project

The Gisborne region is prone to hill country erosion.  The Sustainable Hill Country (SHC) programme aims to increase protection of highly erodible land.

Our Tairawhiti Resource Management Plan (TRMP) requires that areas of land in Overlay 3A be treated with effective tree planting or reserve fencing.  See Chapter 7 of TRMP

Templates to help you with your farm plan

Works Plan

A works plan outlines any maintenance work planned for already established tree plantings.

Maintenance plan - improvement of partial and existing tree cover

This form is for properties where all areas of Overlay 3A land have effective tree cover already established.  Tree cover can include plantation forestry, indigenous reversion or established conservation tree species.

If you need help to fill in the forms, contact our land management team.

On the Sustainable Land Management Hill Country Erosion Programme, visit Ministry for Primary Industries