Ngā pou Pāpara me te Wirou

Poplar and willow poles

You can order poplar and willow poles and tree sleeves at various lengths.

At times demand may exceed supply, so we can't guarantee that all orders can be filled.

We harvest the poles in June each year and they can be collected early-July to mid-September.

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Prices of poles and pole sleeves

Note: a $1 levy is added to the price of poles planted under the government's subsidised schemes such as ECEP.

Poles4mLarge 3m3m 2m B Pole1m Wand0.5m Nursery stake
Pole Sleeves2.1m1.7m1.2mTin possum sleeves
Black netting netlonN/A$3.50$2.20$0.90
Solid PVC DynexTBC$7.50N/A 

NA = not available
TCA = to be confirmed
Prices exclude GST and may be subject to change.