Ngā pou Pāpara me te Wirou

Poplar and willow poles

You can order poplar and willow poles and tree sleeves at various lengths.

At times demand may exceed supply, so we can't guarantee that all orders can be filled.

We harvest the poles in June each year and they can be collected early-July to mid-September.

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Pole load outs at the Waerenga-o-Kuri Nursery occurs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. To arrange collection please contact our land management team at least 3 days before you wish to pick them up.

Prices of poles and pole sleeves

Poles 4m Large 3m 3m  2m B Pole 1m Wand 0.5m Nursery stake
Willow $12 $11 $11 $5 $2 $1
Poplar $12 $11 $11 $5 $2 $1

Prices exclude GST and may be subject to change.

Pole Sleeves 2.1m 1.7m
Solid PVC Dynex TBC $8

NA = not available
TBC = to be confirmed
Prices exclude GST and may be subject to change.

Pole planting tips to get the best from your investment:

  • Ensure poles are planted in moist soils or depressions.
  • Plant them at least 60-80cm deep, up to a third of the pole length.
  • Ensure they're protected from livestock. You can purchase pole protectors from us.
  • Keep all poles tight in the ground. If they loosen, roots can break and the poles will die.
  • Remove and re-use sleeves from any dead poles.
  • Look after the growing poles.
  • Make sure the pole is the right way up.

If you require any advice on pole planting, please contact our land management team.