Hihiratia, Rauiria, Marokehia: Te whakahaumaru i o tātau arawai

Check, Clean, Dry: Protect our waterways

Check, Clean, Dry between our waterways


Before leaving a waterway check boats, trailers, fishing gear and other equipment for any plant material and remove it.

Remember a thumbnail size plant fragment may be all that's needed. Leave it at the site or in a rubbish bin.


Wash all gear and equipment that's been in contact with the water


10% dishwashing liquid or nappy cleaner or 2% bleach or salt water (sea strength or 1 cup of table salt per 1 litre of water)

Leave the item wet for 10 minutes.


Dry thoroughly - inside and out and then wait for 48 hours at least before entering another waterway.

Protect our freshwater environment

Invasive freshwater species can destroy freshwater ecosystems and ruin our favourite waterways.

Freshwater pests are already established in many North Island lakes, rivers and streams - so the key is to prevent the spread.

All it takes is one tiny fragment of aquatic weed, one droplet of water, or a single fish egg hitching a ride on your gear to spread pests to previously unaffected waterways – choking our lakes and rivers, making them murky and out-competing native wildlife.

Aquatic pests

Once a freshwater pest such as catfish, hornwort or lindavia gets in a waterway it's difficult and expensive to remove, if it's possible to at all.  These pests can also prevent us from accessing and enjoying our waterways.

The best defence is prevention!

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