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You can search for a property address, place or road.

Property search map

While we take care to ensure this information is accurate, we cannot guarantee that the information is up-to-date for your requirements. If necessary you should verify the information.

Start your Property Search - MapTV 

Please note: If you're using IE9 or 10 web browser, you may need to view MapTV in 'compatibility view' to use some of the tool.
Turn on compatibility view by clicking 'tools' in the menu bar, tick 'compatibility view' or click the icon in the address bar.

Aerial images on LINZ data service

All Gisborne District Council's new aerial imagery is available for download from the LINZ data service.
View LINZ Data Service to request imagery

Tips to help your property search 

Type the address in the Find box.  Click enter.
On the tool bar - click on    then click on the property parcel for property information.
Land Parcels (in the right menu) gives you the following details on the property:

  • Legal description
  • Parcel area
  • Certificate of Title reference
  • Title owner (one name only)
  • Valuation (assessment) reference number
  • Land value
  • Capital value
  • Annual rates

If you want to search another property, repeat the steps above.

Note - if you put an asterisk * at the beginning of any search query, it will help find more related examples. This is really handy for complex legal descriptions.

The  icon refreshes the map.

Click on the  icon then on the map to move the map around. 

Online help is also available once you open MapTV, in the top right corner of the window.

If this is your first-time searching, you should read or print the MapTV User Guide

Important information to note

The data is updated at the end of each month. Very recent subdivisions may not appear until the end of the next month.

The "title owner" information is sourced from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and only shows one name from the title even though there may be other owners.
The "Reserves and Public Land" information is sourced from LINZ and may not show the current status of the land.  A title search should be done to check any land status issues.

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