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Property search - Tairāwhiti Maps

Gisborne District Council's online mapping site is Tairāwhiti Maps. 

View property rates and valuations, land information, planning information, find the location of council-owned water, wastewater and stormwater services, rubbish collection days, reserves, bus stops, cycle and walkway routes.  

Tairāwhiti Maps

You can view Tairāwhiti Maps on any browser.

Start Tairawhiti Map.(external link)

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Downloading the data

The GIS data is available for download from data.govt.nz(external link)  
Our aerial images are available for download from the LINZ Data Service

Problem viewing the maps?

You may need to refresh the website and delete your browsing history.

To refresh, open Tairāwhiti Maps then hit [Ctrl]  [F5] or go into 'View' on your browser and select Refresh F5.

If you're still having problems, you may need to delete your browsing history. In your browser go to Tools, Internet Options and select Delete under Browsing History. 

Tips to help your search

♦   search by address, road name, location, valuation number or legal description 
♦   click on the link under the 'Results' pane, to zoom to the property - click the link 'Zoom to Feature'
♦   the 'Attributes Tab' will give you more information on the address or valuation number
♦   to find information about another property on the map - click on the 'Point Identify' then on a property

How to find who owns a property

You can find property ownership information by ticking 'LINZ Land Parcels' in the Map Layers.

Map layers.Click on 'Map Layers'  and select Land Parcels (LINZ).
Click on 'Point Identify' in the toolbar, click on the land parcel you are querying.
In the 'Results' pane - click the LINZ Land Parcel link, this will display the title owner. Only one owner's name on the certificate of title will display.

Online help

There is a full online help to assist you with your search.  Click 'Help' on the map toolbar.
Link to Online Help(external link)

If you find any errors with the data or system, please tell us on our eRequest form

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