Me pēhea te whakamahi i te ine tūwaka

How to use a parking meter

In our central business district

A paperless parking payment system operates in the CBD.

Parking staff use licence plate recognition to confirm your vehicle has a valid parking session in the area it’s parked.

In the pay-by-plate system your license plate number is not associated with or cross-referenced to any other authorities’ database for vehicle registrations. And no vehicle owner information is captured when you pay.

Demo on paying for parking - ParkEasy

Step-by-step to pay for parking

1. Enter licence plate number, press OK

2. Select payment type. Card must be PayWave only or coins.

3. If paying by card, enter the time by arrow. Hold card on card reader when lights display.

3. Or insert coins for time required. Press OK

That's it.

You won’t receive a paper ticket, so there’s no ticket to display in your car.

You can also ParkEasy by using the QR code on the parking meter - scan and pay.