Ngā pōhatu tanu ō Mākaraka urupā

Makaraka cemetery buried headstones

In 1982, about 90 headstones and pieces of headstones from the Makaraka Cemetery were buried in a trench to preserve them from further loss or damage by vandals. This was by request of the regional committee of the Historic Places Trust.

On Monday 30 April 2018, working over 3 days our cemetery staff together with the Friends of Makaraka Cemetery Trust and contractors, uplifted the 90 buried headstones and pieces from the trench. The Friends of Makaraka Cemetery Trust campaigned to have the headstones dug up and restored.

If family wish to discuss the options for a relative’s headstone, or to view the headstone, please contact The Friends of Makaraka Trust.

The buried headstones

The inscriptions on the headstones as recorded before they were buried.