Te whakarite waka i ngā tauwhāinga

Traffic management at events

If your event's happening on a street or road, you're legally required to have a traffic management plan.

A traffic management plan is required for any event that stops, delays or increases vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Traffic management plans for events must be provided by a registered traffic management company.

Please talk to us early in your event planning so we can guide you with what's required.

Road closures

If your event requires a road closure, it must be publicly notified.

Submit your application at least 10 weeks before the event takes place. This is to allow for the public notification process.

For more information on temporary road closures

Every road closure also requires a traffic management plan.

Traffic management plan (TMP)

All events on a road or road reserve generally require a traffic management plan.

Submit your traffic management plan to us at least 20 working days prior to the event.

For more information on providers and submitting a TMP.